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Flying Сoffins

Flying Coffins 2

Flying Coffins 3
Flying Coffins 4

Save The Girl

Dragon's Adventure

Hungry Hedg
Pirate Treasure 2



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It’s not easy to be an universal person. That’s why there are many ideas of the good flash games existing only in the mind of flash developers, and not in the reality.

So we decided to work together. It’s not easy too, but it’s possible… and funny. We can work together with pleasure and without useless arguments, disagreements and keeling each other.

The ideas get ready to become real.

Note 2012: Unfortunately, I have lost Colombina:( Now I'm going to work alone. Art and programming will make freelancers. Maybe, in the future, I will open a new project. But this site (game portal) will always be our project with Colombina. Forever ...




Necro (Ukraine), Colombina (Romania)